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Mounting a brand-new TV can be a daunting task. Lucky for you, it’s a breeze with Bat City TV. We’ve installed and mounted thousands of TVs for Austinites just like you.

Why source your TV mount from a professional installer?

Large home projects like TV and audio system installation can put a lot of stress on a home or business owner – you are tasked with finding the best provider for each component of your upgrade and worrying about coordinating each separate team to ensure timely project completion.

With Bat City TV, you only need to work with one provider for product sourcing and installation – good thing we’re also the best one in Austin.

Easy process

Purchase a TV mount from Bat City TV, schedule your installation appointment, and let us handle the process – from start to finish.

Budget accordingly

Our industry experts give accurate estimates for every part of your project, so you know exactly what you’ll be paying.

Get long-lasting quality

TV and audio system installation must look nice and work well – for as long as you need it to. We quality-check our work, always.

From sourcing to calibration – Bat City TV is austin’s top full-service TV and audio system installer

How to choose a mount

Fixed Mount

A fixed mount is the most basic type of TV mount. A fixed mount will not let the TV tilt or swivel. This mount is ideal if you want your TV to sit as close to the wall as possible in a permanent flat position. 

Tilt mount

A tilt mount allows the TV to tilt at a downward angle toward the viewing area. This functionality is useful if the TV is mounted high e.g. over a fireplace or above a tall piece of furniture. Additionally, if there is a persistent light source in the room that causes a glare on the TV screen, the angle of the TV can be adjusted to eliminate or minimize the reflection. 

Full motion mount

A full motion mount is a versatile mount that can be useful in many situations. This mount can be pulled out away from the wall, swivel left and right, and tilt upward or downward. This type of mount offers convenient access to the back of the TV if any wires need to be added or replaced. It’s also a useful solution if the TV is in a large room with multiple viewing areas, or if the TV is mounted in a corner. 

Mantel mount

The Mantel Mount is the most versatile mount on the market, specifically designed for TVs that are mounted very high above fire places. For those who want a more eye-level viewing experience, the Mantel Mount allows the TV to be pulled down from the fireplace to the desired viewing height. It also features the same functions as the full motion mount, as it can tilt and swivel as well. 

Trust Austin’s TV installation experts

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